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Computer future .. Reality and not fantasy!!

Live in these years in the era's most advanced so far is the era of speed and technology has been the most important reasons for the technological revolution is the emergence of the computer, and we will show you in this matter, God willing, three designs for the future ... PCs. Is one of us to imagine how it will shape the computer in the future ...!

Sure, everyone will think that the computer will smaller size in the future, but .... Do you think that it could be as big as a pen!!!

Yes computer future will be the size of the pen :

This computer, designed by Japan will be available in the near future, God willing.

This computer has been placed in the small pocket or carry it with you to any place or at the office or even striped!!!

Many of us may wonder how this works and where the computer is the screen where the keyboard and you this picture and do a guess:

As is shown in the previous picture, the computer turns, but where the screen and keyboard ?!!!!

Yes, this is the idea is to go out the screen from the laser light and light of the latest out keyboard

These images of some of the keyboards that are manufactured by Japan in the future and that laser:

Hallelujah!! Really man becomes creative when thinking of!!

Now we will move on to another computer, a company has the DELL DELL company contest to choose the best design for a computer in which the future has won Paulina Carlos designed for designed for this computer:

As we note the work of this computer as an act of previous computer laser from the front of the screen is the successor of the keyboard

But this computer is different from the past that when three USB ports on the left and the entrance to a DVD and CD on the right side and there are also speakers on the upper left and right and different from the previous computer in the shape and size and that will be available in several colors.

We turn to another computer in our theme this computer has achieved great success in the world, known as the B-membrane by a Korean designer Won-Suk Lee

In order to get on the screen, we lowered the upper part like this:

The laser light will start computer former and the one before about any smooth surface of the screen appears:

It is characterized by the computer that the touch panel keys appear if it automatically fill computer

This computer is also on a drive to run CDs



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